Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, a good friend of ours is organising the launch of Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli's new Dubai project.

The project, is a nightclub, called the 'Cavalli Club'. The Fairmont (our former favorite Dubai hotel, unfortunately turned, discreet brothel), is the chosen location for Roberto Cavalli's first 'Club'.

It's a two-story venue with the floors done up in shiny black quartz and reflective crystal dust. The tall walls are made with Swarovski crystals and create this rather wonderful 'sparkling curtain' effect. The ground floor will showcase jewelry, watches and exclusive accessories from the Cavalli Maison. There will also be a selection of refined food products chosen by Cavalli to express the best of 'Made in Italy'. 

Upstairs, an Italian restaurant, sushi bar, wine bar and music lounge. All quite lush really isn't it? We're going over for the party (while the rest of Dubai continues to fight desperately for invitations - we hear the invites only strictly allow ONE. Yes. ONE person. So, if you have a hubbie, he's sadly staying home, and if you are the give your wife the invitation. That is, if you want to live).

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