Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lip gloss diet?

Ever found yourself at a party, practically stalking the waiter with the hors d'oeuvres tray? No? Liar.

Yes? Then this may be for you... Huge Lips, Skinny Hips Lip Gloss: The secret to this tasty lip-plumping gloss is 10% Hoodia Gordoni extract, a natural appetite suppressant extracted from cactus-like plants in South Africa and Namibia. Used for centuries by the locals for its hunger curbing abilities, Hoodia has more recently made its way into diet pills to decrease hunger.

Hoodia works by mimicking the effects of glucose on the brain, tricking it into thinking you've just eaten. The paraben-free gloss also features Meadow Foam to bind moisture to the skin, Lemon Peel Oil to cool and soothe and Vitamin B3 to stimulate blood flow to the lip surface, filling in wrinkles and plumping without stinging or burning.

The collection includes six yummy glosses, ranging from sheer clear to sultry red and is available online. Highly doubt this will ever work. But kudos for the concept!

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