Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cute, so very cute.

The Mobile Spa conducted one of their first spa parties today, and it was...just...adorable.

The mini bash catered to a gorgeous 'diva in the making', 10 year old Raneem, who invited friends over for what was her ''Princess'' themed spa party: 2 hours of specially designed beauty treatments including facials, massages, hair, nails and even glitter tattoos.

All that you see (and more) was set up in Raneem's home, in less than 2 hours. She literally walked from her bedroom to a fully fledged children's spa, and obviously embraced every moment of it.


Pretty in pink silk gowns.

More pictures are available here

Feeling slightly left out, we asked about the possibility of spa parties, you know, for us grown women? By any chance? ''Definitely, the 'Princess' theme caters to girls as young 3, right up to the age of 13. We then have a dedicated version for the 'tweens' and teenagers, followed by one specifically tailored to adult ladies''

Well, thank Goodness for that. 

The Mobile Spa is the ONLY mobile salon in Bahrain that uses disposable tools and the medical grade Autoclave machine, providing a unique service in bespoke delivery as well as first class sterilisation of beauty products and equipment. 

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