Friday, June 25, 2010

Long live the King.

As we remember the fallen hero of our generation, let's never forget his other lifelong passion...

Michael Jackson was a walking UN organisation. In many ways, he achieved more too.

While the world continued to viciously and unjustifiably lynch him, Michael continued to give back, to that same world.  Not only with song, but with a love so pure, it was often hard to fathom.

His humanitarian achievements are as untouchable as his music.

He was an artist who lived for the people, a true man of God who did everything in his power to keep his misson exactly that way.

May we all continue to live by his legacy.


  1. I can see here this is really very impressive and also useful video. The Michael Jackson are best wisher for children. I like he so much.

  2. Lovely picture. Every thing looking so happy. Here every moments are really very nice. Thanks for sharing a best moment of your life.


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