Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Think Pink...beautify, exercise, eat.

There's been a whole load of activity surrounding Think Pink and breast cancer awareness this month, but as it's all coming to an end, we thought we'd keep you abreast (no pun intended), of some the final fund raisers taking place throughout the Kingdom.

First up, Tilly's Cafe. 

If you feel like a lazy morning, manicuring and pedicuring, beatifying, cupcaking and gossiping while doing something good for breast cancer, then this is where you need to be. More info on the pink link

If you're more on the active side, and prefer to get a little sweaty for charity, then run along to one of CK Life's classes at the Gulf Hotel. CK Life is run by one of the Kingdom's most sought after personal trainers, so here's your chance to lift a few weights with her. Once again, more info on the pink link

It's great how showing supporting for a worthwhile cause is also, actually, really quite enjoyable. Regardless of your taste. Options aplenty. Well done to all those taking part! 

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