Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Column: April 2011

Well. I’d like to say that this is the first time I’ve experienced a war zone; unsettlement, literal refugee status, confusion, violation, and other such depressing lark. But, it’s not. I’d also like to say that it gets easier through experience, but it doesn’t.

After all the politics, the unending opinion, the unnecessary violence, the sorry and surprising hatred (?), there is sorrow. We, as human beings, are all in pain. Bahrainis, non-Bahrainis, Sunnis and Shia, now need to come together and heal this Kingdom, so collectively adored. Anyone not interested in actively showing some respect, and a lot of love, should consider going elsewhere. I’m just saying.

Bahrain: The only way is up.

So! "Onto the next one" was my mantra this month. And what an internationally eclectic month it was. Post a visit to Thailand for some necessary retreating, it was back to Bahrain for a wonderfully memorable affair celebrating the art of the ‘old’:

Out with the new, and in with the old., alongside the UK’s Atelier Mayer, hosted a beautifully intimate luncheon where fashion memoirs of yesteryear decorated a homely haven of afternoon couture. The vintage-inspired event was a first for Bahrain, with The Overdressed’s founder, Dana Al Khalifa, promising more of the same in the near future. 

 Vintage love: Atelier Mayer's Carmen Haid and Philomena Schurer Merckoll, 
TheOverdressed's Dana Al Khalifa and PR Consultant, Rozan Ahmed.

Happy shoppers didn’t leave the coveted event empty handed either; gorgeously filled goodie bags included Camilla Morton’s newly- launched book (hot off the press), a selection of exclusive The Overdressed postcards, a special Atelier Mayer lip gloss inspired by Klimt, containing 24-carat gold leaf, and a delicious array of typical Austrian Salzburger Mozart chocolates.

Then, Dubai. for Art Dubai. As most of those who read this [superb] column already know, I’ve never been Dubai’s biggest fan. *HOWEVER* such things like the Pavilion (a very impressive ‘LA-esque’ artistic space somewhere near Dubai mall), the impressive work of Tamara Al Gabbani and other home grown starlets, Armani Prive's retro-inspired interior, the eggplant at Okku (don’t judge me until you try it), and now, the excellence of Art Dubai, has resulted in a liking for the place.

I’m impressed with what appears to be a more authentic (and accomplished) rise of talent in the glossy emirate, with a whirl of exciting projects in the wake.

The UAE's Tamara Al GabbaniRozan Ahmed and R&R's Rosemin Ratanshi

And now, Africa. Oh yes. Nothing like a dose of the pyramids to recharge all that power... 

More on the above, next month. 

Until then...Smile. The world needs it.

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