Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dubai's Hot 100 Bash. 2012. The bougi breakdown.

So. Last night saw the Middle East's Ahlan magazine celebrate its chosen 'Hot 100' for 2012. The bash took place at Dubai's Le Meridian hotel (there's 3 of them. This was their oldest establishment. Many moaned about that, but I actually liked the "Dallas" type feel to the venue's interior. Very old soul)

The "luxury limos" escorting us to the venue weren't actually luxurious, nor were they limousines. But that might have been a joke we didn't understand...maybe.

We arrive. Met by a Guest List lady who unfortunately spoke no English. Almost 3 minutes of back and forth mispronunciations began to ensue, and an inability to understand and irking. Anyway. Inside, and although we were warned of the "lawn" type set up, ladies and heels and dress tails were seen suffering everywhere. I chose to play it a little safer, knowing there'd be grass. Therefore, a wiser suited ensemble, a'la...the wedge

I know. So Kim K.

The music left us a little... confused. But then again so did the theme. Well, was there even a theme? Live rock music at what appeared to be an ambience more inclined toward a cocktail reception?...*bbm straight faces*... 

We don't think this was a festival, or a karaoke night, or some random East end pub. And if it was, we could have avoided the discomfort of "glam" and come in wellies. All set for a nice big chill

Banana and turkey cocktail stick/lollipop. Odd. And yet, tasty.

The bar was nice, as was the food. There were also live mannequins covered in silver body paint randomly placed, just about. Not sure why but...there they were.


Onto the anticipated list. Dubai's Top 100 achievers in and within the Emirate's booming creative circles. Some folk we were pleased to see. Like Okku's Mark, Zeina Abdallah, and other actual achievers.

Others however left us significantly baffled. One in particular - who seems to have gone from job to job since moving to Dubai (after failing in London, obviously) - with no real purpose in life other than buying clothes and wearing them. Why. Just how was this permitted? What grants such ludicrousness?

And please don't ask us to tell you who we're talking about. We really don't waste our web space like that...

This might give you a hint though. 
Lord. How SO bad. Lolzies!

Onto other moments of the occasion...

Chosen earrings for the evening got a lot of attention

Balloon stealing... 

bougi's Rozan Ahmed, Sufeena Hussein & Sonal Vara

The inexplicably handsome, Mohammed Sultan

bougi's BEAUTY of the night

Ezra Santos. You, win

All in all, a great gathering of multiple sorts: Interesting movers and shakers merged with the oddly misplaced. Top tier society intermingled with the odd scat. Best dressed gorgeousness in the midst of chav-like misbehaviour. Cocktail tables, and a festival stage. Cocktail sipping to rock music anthems. Ball gowns, high heels...and fields.

Prior to dashing, a quick shout out to the amazing Dubai ladies and gents present in our realm on this memorable evening: Yasmine Rasool (Bahrain, stand up), the lovely Issa, Zeina Abdallah (Nefertiti love etc.), Sonal Vara, Sufeena Hussein, Ceebo Shah, Khalid Sharaan, Aymen, the delectable Mohammed, bougi's untouchable force of female prowess and one of ITP's humorously truthful sales men.  Bye now. 


  1. hahaaaa!!! SOOO true!!! What a perfect summary of last night!!! So many too scared to just say it how it is but that's what a lot of people thought!!! They should soo hire you guysi for creative direction next year!!! Great post loved it!!!

  2. Lol...constructive critique...based on some confusion...that's all...we love all the guys at Ahlan...we're just not fake, about that love :)


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