Monday, May 20, 2013

Dear Miguel...

This is what happens when an artist tries too hard... feeling himself, ego-filled, creating a forgettable moment of buzz - based on raw hilarity, that may eventually lead to a law suit.

This is what happens when an artist (albeit a few flaws) is just an artist... feeling the music, ego-free, creating a memorable moment in history - based on raw talent, that may eventually lead to generations of inspiration.

No one will care about this incident of yours in approximately 7 minutes. We are as you know, a generation *that* fickle.

But on a serious note Mr. Miguel, your talents aren't requiring of this much... effort? This much 'mmph' you tend to put on stage. It's just not necessary, and should come more naturally. If it doesn't, leave it alone.

Your vocals, just your vocals, are enough to hold a stellar performance.

Getting caught up is one thing. Trying too hard... that's another thing. A whole other, thing.

With real love.

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