Monday, May 18, 2009

Gyal 20 - live in London

If you're on facebook, visit the group 'Gyal20' (pink link) for info on a very cool soiree happening on 21st May and hosted by bougi's Nikki Beatnik. If you're not on facebook, here's a breakdown:

5 great people...invite 20 of their fabulous friends, who ask 10 of their talented acquaintances to come to a party, listen to great music and swap stories, contacts, friends and business cards. Networking, style, fashion, art, music, drink & 'do the hustle'. Its time to make good things happen.

So! If you're in London, you need to be there. As a bougi enthusiast, all you need to do is email, mention bougi, along with all your names for guest list inclusion.

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