Sunday, January 31, 2010

As the world goes Ga Ga, over Goo Goo. you're in a spaced out weird version of crass. Next. 

Some of us still remember Annie Lennox, Grace Jones (?), and therefore, everything Ms. Gaga is trying so desperately to become. Sorry (and we may be alone here) fuss...about?

Shockingly, the one thing we did find inspiring amidst Lady Gaga's ridiculously overrated catalogue, was a vomit skit we came across as part of her most recent tour.

In the video she appears with a girl who's basically sick on her with coloured vomit. Here's a link:

J'dore'd it, in fact. In our view, it represented so much in today's state of the entertainment industry: from regurgitated music, to repeated fashion trends, bulimia issues, anorexia and overall, just something different, experimental, artistic, risky...New level cool..

Obviously, someone like Lady Gaga could not have come up with such a concept on her own, so, we conducted the necessary research and oh...look what we found:

We also found that Ms. Gaga had decided to outright jack this artist's original idea, not pay her, then apply it as a highlight of her international tour. Great work there doll. Really. Bravo.

The artist's name is Millie Brown. Hot, new, up and coming, and extremely talented,  Millie saw the Gaga collabaration as an opportunity to display her work and her truly innovative ideas. Only for Gaga to then claim it as her own. 

In conclusion, we revert to the start: Put on some Annie Lennox if you need real inspiration. Enjoy a little Grace Jones: the originally nasty. Or, for the  more 'new millenium' types: some Santigold...

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