Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ritz Rejuvination

In this F1 recovery period (hey, it is what it is) one searched high and low for the best in rejuvinating treatments for my poor and thoroughly abused bod. At home, a number of signature wake up drinks were consumed morning, noon and night. Let me share: a little honey, a little cinnamon powder, one squished lemon and hot water. A genius comination that increases metabolism, revitalises energy and reduces that bloated feeling post 37 hours of non-stop 'retox'. Onto the appropriate spa hunt, and yes. I found it. The ultimate rejuvination package. Let's be real here: Your skin is MAD. It's been horribly exposed to intense Bahrain sun (much thanks to the race and various poolside shenanigans). It's also been sucked of all its moisture due to your insane champagne campaigns. It's time to apologise.
So. The Ritz's Royal Spa came to the rescue with their Vitamin C supreme ritual. A full body detox treatment using Natura Bisse's Vit C line of products. A body scrub (citrus exfoliation), a body mask (feels like cake dough on your skin, a'la head massage heaven as the mask penetrates the radiance), de-stress massage (nice) and exhilerating facial (extraction, the works) definitively and all inclusively cleanses to reveal the return of fresh, baby soft and glowing skin. In fact, I am literally shimmering. Revatilised and ready to go.
Furthermore, as somewhat of a perfectionist (no OCD - yet), it was the little touches in personal and attentive service that brought a higher sense of 'lovely' to it all. There's a men's version too. Just by the way.

Ye'ees. I think I'm good now.

*A 'Fire' package, the Vit C Supreme Ritual lasts for 2 hours and costs 120 BD.*

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