Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come hither, spa.

Prayers were answered a few days ago when we came across a newly opened spa that delivered all services directly to your home, or ''wherever you are'', as the catchphrase would put it.

For obvious reasons, one immediately went ahead and arranged for two things: the lava shell massage (it was due time) and the all-important mani/pedi.

Those who follow bougi already know, we like detail. we appreciate the finer things when it comes to good taste, attention to the not so overtly obvious, and so on.

With that, have a wee look:

Parrafin wax in my front room...this made me smile. A lot.

How nice (it's the little things).

The Lava shell massage: using heated shells and activation oils to de-stress and relax (imagine hot stone, except a little softer).

Personal attention and total dedication to hygiene.

This was all set up in approximately, hmm...5 minutes? Just by the way.

OK this little device was placed under the massage bed. It played soothing music?
(Anything you...didn't think of?)

Minx it or spring it?

I'm just being honest here, but even the disposable panties were impressive (LOL moment).
But seriously, you know how they normally resemble strips of tracing paper?
Well, not here.
Detail. Loves it.

Witness the superb cleanliness.

Aww. Cutest little travel trolly!

Beaming. Just beaming.

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