Thursday, September 22, 2011

Emmanuel Jal receives 2011's Common Ground Award.

World renowned artist, author, actor and activist, Emmanuel Jal, will on 27th October 2011, receive the prestigious Common Ground Award in Washington, USA.

Previously received by the likes of Mohammed Ali and Desmond Tutu, the Common Ground Awards are presented annually to honor outstanding accomplishments in conflict resolution, negotiation, community building, and peace-building. Recipients have made significant contributions toward bridging divide, and finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Those awarded have dealt with conflicts in new ways, they have met crises with creativity, wisdom and courage. They have inspired and brought hope to many.

Emmanuel Jal's extraordinary efforts, currently displayed through the works of his We Want Peace campaign, have not only shown us the best in ourselves, but also, what can be achieved when we work with, and for, each other.

Currently focused on his second home of Kenya, We Want Peace has a mission to inspire public responsibility and accountability, inspire minds and maintain a peaceful environment in run up to the country's presidential elections. "2007 can never happen again, it's time to bring about meaningful, long-term change, and we are doing so through a series of educational meetings, shows and exhibitions across Kenya. We want to invigorate public action into independently protecting their communities, realising an individual duty to sustain peace, which then of course leads to good development" said Emmanuel.

Alongside a prominent number of cultural influencers, leaders and organisations, in Kenya and beyond, Emmanuel Jal is working tirelessly to rally as many Kenyans as possible for peace, where they will promise to work, inspire and lead in what's already been hailed as the country's biggest social charge, for positive change.

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  1. Emanuel Jal a role model to many,not only to his fellow Sudanese but to many youths all over the world i love and appreciate him so much..he is my mentor in the work I do which is empowering the inmates at Shimo la tewa prison(Mombasa,Kenya)


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