Get Involved

There's quite a few reasons why you should:

bougi is the Middle East's (and well, lots of other places) KEY to sophisticated entertainment. 

Through hard-hitting presence online and a series of highly successful events across the globe's "East and West", bougi has successfully established itself as the first and leading lifestyle brand in and within the MENA region.

bougi has successfully tapped into an attractive and exclusive audience of the region’s young, professional and influential. 

bougi creates a lifestyle experience both online and face and face that remains ahead if its game. 

Want to play? It's simple:

1. Email with subject title ''Sponsor''. 

2. We will then study your product/brand. Should it fit within bougi's ethos, conversation will then ensue. 

3. We shall present the multiple collaberative opportunities on offer, and guarantee a most attractive method of exposure.

To see some examples of  our wondrous partnerships, hit the pink link
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