What is bougi?

Definition: A creative house of game changing innovators, bougi defines the meaning of what it means to be better. An "East meets West" marriage of traditional knowledge, respect and appreciation, interlined with modern application, and obvious elevation. 

A superb think tank. Bridge. Cultural cultivator. Story-teller. Intelligent tool. Trust-worthy friend. Focused on very proudly bringing you, the best. 

Founded and managed by Rozan Ahmed, the internationally renowned PR strategist, writer, activist & projector of excellence, bougi brings forth the finest in memorable events, personal lifestyle solutions, CSR consultancy, public relations, representation & social media services, for the inspiring individual, the established business, the conscious non-profit and the global corporate. We create and curate the moments to be remembered. 

With networks in Dubai, Bahrain, London, the US and East Africa, bougi is home to the intellectually fun-loving. The unabashed and witty. Arts hound. Music fiend. Culture lover. Philanthropist. Fashion sassy. Business savvy. Word Hard. Play hard - and recognised as such. Globally.

Media Foot Prints: First off, there's bougi's infamous opinion blog (right here, hello).

Then, our so gracefully titled and really quite notorious column. Almost 2 years of perfectly delivered "muse news", as seen in Oh La La magazine. With up to 35,000 readers a month, we'd say it's pretty popular. Email bougi@rozanahmed.com for your story inputs, events, views,  and general hip happenings.

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Twitter: Indeed, who are we without a tweet, or two thousand.

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Facebook: bougi's official spokesperson, if you will.

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Parties: bougi's untouchable events, combining a sophisticated brand alignment with the arts, culture and entertainment is exactly what every discerning social being has been waiting for. All those luckily invited, have already experienced why. Have a walk around the blog to see for yourself. Or take a stroll this way

Care to join us? Think you...fit the bill? 

*bougi falls under a number of bespoke PR & special events management services, as operated by the brand's founder, Rozan Ahmed 

For more information and to receive an introductory profile, please email info@rozanahmed.com
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