Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So there we were, squeezing in some very neccessary shopping in search of our bougi outfits (3 days prior to event - yes, one tends to function on a 'just in time' basis, most times). Then, blaring out of Virgin megastore, I hear an acoustic set. A seriously cool rock tinged acoustic set. Vocals a little too on point for a live session, but it was in fact as live as you can get. Who in God's name is in Bahrain?! Turns out, it was Manakin. The duo performed what was a short and oh so superb selection of tracks, off their old and new LPs. My personal favorite - "She's gonna kill me" - a soft rock guitar composition so good, you could strip the acapella and listen to it alone (so too, with the intensely smooth instrumental). Best thing of all, the vocalist, Hassan Al Khalifa, is from Bahrain. Sweet. Go to Virgin now and purchase some of homegrown's finest. We trust you won't regret it.

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