Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enter the Dragon...

Last Monday we were coridally invited to the opening of a new resort called 'The Dragon'. Located in Amwaj, the entrance wasn't entirely appealing, and clearly still in construction. Once we walked round the back, it was clear that humle beginnings were about to lead us to a much greater place.

Here's why: The infinity pool. The furnishings of every apartment (1/2 bed - loverly). The food, superb. The setting - picturesque. And yes, that is a lift you see on the left of above picture. A transparant, one person hydraulic lift, actually, fit for the laziest of spoiled folk and installed in each and every one of the super spacious, 4 bedroom, 3 kitchen, fully serviced villas (private pool included).

Usually when in the precense of such intense opulance, one tends to make comparisons with MTV's 'Cribs', but (and probably due to the Miami design influence), 'Scarface' was most pleasantly the first to come to mind.

We did say it was spacious

100% Leather...like.

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