Friday, October 2, 2009

The October

Dahlinks. How art thou? Isn't it profound how Ramadan can sustain such a high level of boredom and yet, fly by with the bat of an eyelid?

Anyhoo, a lovely Eid Mubarak to you all! Let's kick off with some of the previous month's shenanigans. New York New York was a blazing trail of fabulosity in September when the MTV Music Awards and Fashion Week took place simultaneously in a city that truly never did, ever sleep. Despite our most desperate desire to be there, alas, ho hum, too many duties, too may calls... Nevertheless, our trusted friends kept us abreast of all activity through hundreds of twitters (why hasn't Bahrain caught onto the greatness of the twit yet?) and copious amounts of blackberry messages. Here, ladies & gents, are the highlights: Lady Gaga, the personified fashion faux pas and that atrocity of a bird's nest - on her face? Kanye West - more like the verbal faux pas, and Janet Jackson's fantastic tribute to her brother Michael (RIP).

Thin line Ms. Gaga..thin line.

Onto fashion week: Kimora Simmonds' babyphat show and Kim Kardashian's gorgeous debut on the catwalk. We can honestly say that she is one hot tamale to watch...


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