Sunday, November 29, 2009

bougi IV...Warming You up With a FLU

It's official folks. Not only are we spoiling you with the sounds of Nikki Beatnik this festive season, but DJ FLU, thee vinyl master (yes! Vinyl!) will play an exclusive set at bougi IV prior to Ms. Beatnik's grand stampede of harmonial excellence.

DJ FLU has been entertaining quality music lovers for over 20 years; a turntable specialist, his background, and Bahrain’s cosmopolitan mix of nationalities lends itself well to his musical strengths, as he promises to take you on an old skool journey of nostalgia, unlike you've never experienced before.

His credits include previous residencies in Japan, Belgium, and Germany, opening for acts such as Keith Sweat, Destiny's Child, and DJ Kool.

bougi IV takes place on 03.12.09 at the Kingdom's first boutique hotel, L'Hotel. Prepare to be dazzled as the stunning venue transforms once again for the Kingdom's finest private affair. Closing 2009 correctly, bougi IV is strictly guest list only event. For more information, please email us: or call +973 3976 1224.

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