Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It is missed. Sometimes.

As much as the laid back ways of Bahrain are adored, gaps between levels of excitement surrounding events, moments, occasions and so on can be, simply, far...too...long. Hence, a regular need to travel.

The 'buzz injection', that 'competitive air', that all important 'atmospheric energy' otherwise known as 'hype' should not be believed, but should, for sake of intellectual development, be experienced. For it is hype that encourages creativity, drive and the generation of new ideas. It also puts a smile on one's face when successfully manipulated - to one's advantage ;-)

New York's just been done to death, and London's just too cold right now, so this time, it's off for a little Dubai. New spots, new business, a ton of meetings, talent searching, Caramel, Zuma, a little Cavalli club and the Viva Beauty Awards. Indeed. Time to re-energise.

(Like the Tee?


  1. love it! but can you please add our website on for the t-shit you have about! Thank you. Mohammed


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