Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bday 2010

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Rozan. She was quite good at PR, owned a fairly popular brand (called bougi) and resided in a lovely little Kingdom (called Bahrain).

She turned 29 on 2nd May, but due to this thing called work, she was unable to, you know, 'properly' highlight her day of birth.

Rozan and friends then decided to postpone to Thursday 13th May, and celebrate her birthday in her second home, the beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain. At Zoe's, to be precise.

London's MOBO Award winning DJ, Manny Norte (Kiss 100, RHR F1 weekend, and so on), flew into the Kingdom like a supafly Super Man, saving Rozan from musical boredom and providing an untouchable sound track of pre-millenium excellence. In fact, Zoe's roof, was officially, blown off.

Guests arrived styled to the nines. They sipped on pink cocktails, enjoyed delicious canapes and helplessly devoured the biggest, most luxurious red velvet cake, they probably, ever, did see.

The birthday girl was showered with good company, a shed load of gifts, a ton of love...and once again, a beautiful time, had by all.

The End. 
(more pics? Click on the pink link)

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