Monday, May 10, 2010

The Column, May 2010

As seen every month in Bahrain's Oh La La Magazine
by bougi's Rozan Ahmed

I'm on a plane. On route to Dubai for the Grazia Style Awards. Rather looking forward to a new category they're introducing in 2010: Young Designer of the Year. Focus finally turning on those who host them in the first place, being the UAE and their up and coming talents. About time too. 

Click here for the results

Back to the plane, as I write this, I'm seated next to an arguing couple. The woman clearly frustrated, while the man sits in on her nagging, and nagging...and more nagging. Like that helps. Their whole scenario reminds me of a problem I believe to be somewhat generic. It may cause a little controversy, but, oh well, here goes: women, calm down please. Men, seriously, man up.

Yes. Feel free to add "relationship analyst" to my overall creative repertoire. See, as women attain more 'girl power', men seem to be losing theirs. Very worrying. We grow balls (too much for us to handle at times), they lose balls (fast). Catch my drift?

As a single woman approaching her 30's, I join a growing population of successful females who thrive in their careers not necessarily by choice, but because there is no other option. I can confidently say that as much as we 'ballsy women' adore our lives, most of us, particularly those who embrace their maternal/domestic instincts, want for nothing but to be swept off our feet and onto the aisle of holy matrimony. Submit to the one we love and proudly engage in our God given role as partner, lover and supporter of our knight in shining armour. Except there is no knight, in sight.

Before I continue, let's break this vision down, shall we? "Submit": Submission essentially requires respect, and what garners respect? Generally, that would be strength (ref: Amy Winehouse's "Stronger than me"). God given role: God made woman to help man. We cannot help a man however, if he happens to be his own personal crisis. If a man's insecurities are more disturbing than our own, he becomes weak, which even to the weakest of women, is not pretty. Knight in shining armour: Have us look up, never down. Believe me, we like that.

It really does go back to fairy tales

Right. Relationship lark out the way, I suppose you're all full of wonder as to how I'm doing with this new found 'wellness' thing. Hmm. OK. Rather a slow start, but getting there (really!) much thanks to the help of CK Life. CK stands for Catherine Kerr, personal trainer, sports massage therapist and overall health connoisseur. Her focus lies not in mere gym training, but improving overall lifestyle when it comes to good health. Indeed, I need a push, and boy am I getting it. We plan on recording my transformation into Beyonce (lolz), so get onto the blog and show some support. For more on CK Life call 39897701.

Beyonce: beware. Click here for Bahrain's best in personal training

When it comes to recovering from one of CK's splendid sessions, I thank the lord for The Mobile Spa ( One God send of a concept, The Mobile Spa delivers the spa to you, wherever you are. That's massage bed, music, oils, nail station, the works, inside the comfort of your living room, by the TV and/or bed. Genius. 

My literal life saver, is right here

One more thing. Have a merry May, I know I will - it's my birthday (all presents, swing this way)...Bahrain's about to experience a major bday soiree ;-)


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