Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good cause. Good times.

As you may be aware, we like events with charitable purpose. Here's a good one for the weekend:

Two events in one, the AT92 Lounge Night will follow La Boutique's viewing of their Spring Summer 2010 Collection, which includes new designers such as Michael Lewis, Qide and All by N. Furthermore, and in support of the Aisha Yateem Family Counseling Centre, 10 - 15% of total sales will go directly to the charity.

From 7pm, cocktails and canapes will be served at the La Fontaine Lounge for the AT92 Lounge night; proceeds here will also be donated to the Aisha Yateem Family Counseling Centre. We hear parking will also be made available to all guests (relief!).

*A guest list policy will be adopted, so to RSVP, you'll need to send an email to info@laboutique92.com or call 17 230123. 
That's Friday. 21st May. At the oh so pretty La Fontaine. 

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