Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Column: July 2010

Your Monthly Lifestyle Lowdown, by Rozan Ahmed

Howdy. It's hot isn't it. And humid - the ''I'm not doing your hair ANY favours'' kind of humid. Stuffy and overall yucky. Good thing I'm not in Bahrain then. London called, and the love affair has officially begun. Now, for the headlines! Beautifully hot, long summer days, good old English breakfasts, walking (it's the little things) and sufficient information everywhere you go. The public have been forced to work harder, and rightly so, England are now in the world cup's final 16 and Wimbledon has been wonderful. Peter Andre has his own TV show. I mean, what is the world coming to? John Snow's getting on. I've never seen him with sagging cheeks. Robinsons fruit juices never tasted so good. Live music. Acoustic ecstasy. Actual DJs. Spunk. Originality. Inspiration. I also find myself frequenting the aisles of Waitrose and Sainsburys a little too often (again, it's the little things). 

Supermarkets: Once taken for granted. Certainly NOT, anymore.

Unfortunately, public transport is a pastime I can't deal with anymore, much thanks to the Gulf way of life. Saying that, I'll never grow tired of London's other grit: the style found in struggle never ceases to fascinate me. Oh and by the way, this outlook does appear to apply to many folk. Hackney's now suddenly ''cool'', Brixton's ''trendy'' and well, Portabello road's been a kingpin for fashion for years, despite its once (and somehow, maintained) struggling roots. Lots more in the British pipeline - all of which shall be revealed, next month. 

Onto significant news: Since the issue's been nicely swiped under the radar, Flotilla: are we, the digesting public, so sheep-like that because the tragedy's been forgotten on our mainstream screens, we no longer care? Are we so consumed with the world cup that ongoing nightmares such as Jamaica's riots, and the oil [are they REALLY still calling it a] ''spill'' no longer matter? Or, is this general show of neglect a fine act of escapism? Let's think about that for a moment. It's all good turning a blind eye to the negative, but not so good if aspects of that negativity is chosen for you, to forget. 

So, entertainment: If you're in the Kingdom over the summer, here's your answer: - especially if you have children. I would like to tell you that lots of other good time shenanigans - of good taste - are up and coming in Bahrain, but alas. Nothing to report. I suggest, like most of my beaus back in the Kingdom, you ''DIY'' your social activity. That is until bougi returns, of course ;-)

Should you own a boat, enjoy the waters. Set sail. Inhale. Exhale. Swim. Or sunbathe, depending on how highly you prioritise hair styling. Enjoy the restaurants and shop. You'll be amazed. Although the experience will never compare to Carnaby street, where I'm currently sat, basking in the cool sunshine (sorry), I was recently and most pleasantly surprised by the vintage stock available in Bahrain. Hunt around. You may be too. 

Ladies, a final 'do it yourself' tip: Gather your girlfriends and host a shindig at home. Similarly to botox parties made popular by the ''LA wives'', The Mobile Spa have just introduced a range of 'sparties', without the botox mind, and all the perks. Their packages range from 'Princess' themed parties for the younger diva, to bespoke treatment stations for the older beauty queens. Everything's set up for you at home/work/wherever you like really, then swiftly cleaned and packed up post bash. What's all the more comforting is their use of the autoclave, a medical grade machine used by hospitals and dentists (and most top end European salons) to sterilize equipment. Joy oh joy. Pampering - at its most hygienic.

Right then, I'm off to check out what's been dubbed as ''London's most exclusive private member's yacht''. Owned and refurbished by sons of the eloquent Prince Muzzafer, the luxury steam boat is permanently moored in London's west end; I'm actually very impressed with their membership policies (philanthropy focused, as opposed to showing off), so this should be rather interesting. For now, ciao x

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