Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Middle East's most inspirational, as chosen by VIVA.

Rozan Ahmed, founder of bougi, was recently nominated as one of the Middle East region's most influential women...

The full interview, below

Your CV in 10 words:
Building. Merging. Inspiring creative excellence. Writing. Public relations. Action. Change.

Your biggest break:
I've been blessed with a few, but key 'milestones' I suppose include my first working role at P.Diddy's label under Sony BMG (always helps to have a big name support and kick start your career!). Being chosen as key advisor to the Princes Trust for the UK's biggest Urban Music Festival back in 2004 was also quite the highlight...recognition by the UN Secretary General's office for my work with the organisation in Sudan, and most recently, Formula One in Bahrain. The hospitality events I hosted surrounding this year's Grand Prix in the Kingdom were just sensational, I could not have been more pleased.

Your biggest hurdle:
Time... there never seems to be enough of it.

Your proudest moment:
Well, I tend to think a lot, so for me, a ''moment'' is when my thinking turns to life. When an idea becomes reality. When I see a campaign in full swing, a creative project in success, a cultural experience fulfilled, an article recieving praise, a client propelled and positioned,  or even when I'm soaking up the vibrant atmosphere at one of our successful events. In short, watching others enjoy what I do always makes me proud.

Your mentor:
Most definitely, my mother.

Your hero:
Oprah Winfrey for her business and poise, my friends, for their tenacity (they constantly inspire me) and Norman Finklestein, for his guts.

Your goal: 
I'd eventually like to harness my position, and others in my realm, toward tangible social change. Utilising the creative/financial powers we have for greater good, through more robust CSR programs, for example. I truly believe in the intense influence music, fashion and the arts, and would like to work towards these avenues being used more conscientiously in the region. Family would be nice too. I wouldn't mind a few babies in my life.

Your dream:
To (finally) get started on my book!

>>> For more on Rozan Ahmed, click on the infamous pink link

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