Sunday, July 11, 2010


This obviously isn't the blog if you're after some kind of detailed ''footballing analysis'', or, I don't know, a ''skills assessment'', ''technique'' comparison...foul or no foul...and what not.

We've admittedly been very cosmetic about all things world cup, and now that it's over,  here's our little round up of thoughts :-)

- Germany: yes, fine. You are good, but a little too robotic for our liking.
- Argentina: We love you,  all of you, everything about you, and your coach.
- England: Uh. Next.
- Ghana: Should have been yours.
- Holland: ''The nearly boys of the Netherlands''. What's new?
- Uruguay: Don't like you
- USA: Darlings, stick to the super bowl, or hockey, or something.
- Brazil: Ouch, no?
- South Africa: Never mind, you were a FANTASTIC host.
- France: Really?
- Spain: You proved yourselves. Well deserved.

So err, how will you gents occupy your evenings now? Do you even remember? And hey, how much for that octopus? I want.

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