Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Column: September 2010 (Eid time).

As seen in Oh La La magazine
The holy month, for me, is as much about spiritual enlightenment as it is about a mental ''spring clean''. Sorting through objectives, planning, re-organising, re-strategising, and finally getting down to the little but necessary things. Like, clearing one's inbox. So therapeutically liberating, isn't it? I mean, I genuinely feel lighter afterwards. Donating old clothes to charity and enjoying the sight of your wardrobe as it beams with extra space. Walking (!) yes, one can actually walk without fear of curb crawling bafoons at your every step! WOW. Not only that, but Bahrain's weather could be mistaken for God's most heavenly steam room. 20 minutes a day and sure, you'll quickly smell the tongs escape your hair as it transforms into one unearthly frizz ball, but, at least your skin will thank you.

I also use the time to read, and this year my choices were a number of not so available novels on Ancient Egypt, how my Nubian ancestors' history was so cleverly erased and replaced by the more recent immigrants of the East, and West. I guess the plan could have worked if artefacts such as Nefertiti's bust (currently displayed in Germany) wasn't so obviously a woman of colour?

FAIL: Like standing next to Coco Chanel, and insisting you invented the classic. 
See, it's not necessarily a case of colour in the first place, but more about heritage, culture and the ongoing daylight robbing/humiliation of history that tends to fascinate me. Anyhoo. Another area of fascination was filled, somewhat, through reading Daniel Goleman's 'Emotional Intelligence'. An older, incredibly interesting novel looking at the power of emotion vis a vis rational thinking. I suggest you pick it up.

Oh and err, amongst my usual activity, I only happened to lunch with a man who I've adored since pre-birth. A man who CREATED legends. An inarguable genius who has continuously gone beyond all levels of epic. A man whose music has moved millions for many, many years. That man is Quincy freaking Jones.

Countryside luncheon: Good friends. Good times: click here
Indeed, a definite ''moment'' in one's career, and overall life. Now, I've come across many a so called ''star'' in my time. So called, because they tend to be unjustifiably so, and certainly not worthy of remarking. Most of them are also insanely boring/horribly insecure/too far down the road of badly backed glory. Quincy proved, abundantly, that those with real talent, are actually too occupied with manifesting it. Never threatened, humble, honest and always ready to share in their greatness. Quincy, and those like him, make clear why it remains a difficulty for so many others to genuinely impress me. In short, please dears, don't take it personal ;-)

A million congrats to Monsieur Ghammachi
Congratulations to Christian Ghammachi, the hugely talented photographer who's just completed his book of stunning images (facebook search his group 'Christian Ghammachi' for more info). Whilst online, you may also want to visit www.hiphopshakespeare.com. Founded by the MOBO award winning wordsmith, Akala, the Hip hop Shakespeare Company (THSC) is a wonderfully interesting youth organisation focused on empowering young people across the UK. They use 2 primary tools to encourage creativity: music and language. Hip hop and Shakespeare, together. Sonnet 18, the Jay Z way. Crazy? We thought so too, but watching this in effect is just...''WOW''. Absolute innovation.

Shakespeare & Hip hop. Real life. Real issues...and use of the iambic pantameter
Okay. Since you're still online (and a drum roll's required for this one): www.rozanahmed.com, the answer to all things smart PR & sophisticated events...is... > < (that close)...to going live.Yay. For. Thee.

Right then. Eid shopping time. Enjoy the malls and markets and so. Happy Eid. Kulu sana wa intu taybeen, a prosperous year to one and all. Kiss kiss, and all that jazz.

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