Monday, September 13, 2010

VMAs 2010.

We hear the VMAs were a little boring this year (!), apart from an appearance by Mary J. Blige, another nauseating but attention grabbing outfit by Lady Gaga and a personally favorite ensemble worn by Ms. Eva (as soon as we know who's behind this master of a dress, we'll tell you ;-)

We're also told Kanye and Usher were pretty good.  Taylor Swift performed bare foot, minus any interruptions, while the host, Chelsea, remained true to her hilarious form. After-parties did not compare to those in New York the previous year, but that comes as no surprise. 

OK. Damit. We didn't want to give in to her ''please look at me'' frenzy , but, for entertainment's sake, here's the Gaga, always, ALWAYS, true to her total ridiculous-ness. 

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