Monday, October 4, 2010

The Column: October 2010

Friends, the party season has begun. Summer's over. Ramadan's done. Everyone's back from their multiple ''vacays'' and as thorough supporters of continuing the good time, it is, most definitely high time, for the home turf leaders to serve it up. 

bougi V: Brings it home.
7 October 2010: bougi's autumn soiree. Never one to disappoint, the GCC's ultimo destination in quality entertainment returns to the Kingdom for the most unabashed of beautiful bashes. As per the standard policy, bougi's invited guests look set to enjoy the fruits of social and musical fantastic-ness, once again. Excited? Oh. Yes sir. Let's talk about this season's chosen location for a minute: Simply stupendous. Beyond. Magnifique. Absolutely my kind of ''epicureanism''. And it's no surprise either. The man behind the magic of what's sure to become Bahrain's new 'hot spot' is also the same man who opened Hakassan and Nobu in London. His name is Kurt. My taste buds have been in love with him for years. How pleased I am to see him, and his works of F&B artistry in Bahrain. To those in the know, see you at Block 338. To those who don't, have some enlightenment in your lives: bougi V :-)

Don't do it.
Next. Online dating: I thought this was strictly for weirdos. However, isn't everything online these days? Yes. So I thought, for social experimentation's sake, I'd give it a go. I mean, admittedly, I was a little apprehensive, due to my ''talking teddy'' theory. ''Talking teddy'' theory? Allow me to explain: 

What would it feel like meeting up with an individual you've already ''met'' before, on the internet. Not a boy/girl you'd essentially date, but just an overall, seemingly nice person you've [electronically] developed a genuine comfort with. ''Chatted'' to on an almost daily basis. Exchanged jokes, photos, opinions and what not. The real talk of it all is, you've actually enjoyed the whole ''surrealness'' of it all - haven't you? Ye'es...a relationship comparable perhaps to what we all once had with our teddy bears, long, long ago. Well, imagine waking up next to that teddy one day, and it started talking. There you have it. Feeling, defined. 

Talking teddy: Not cool.
Right so, after overcoming the ''talking teddy'' fear, I decided to set up a profile. 2 days in, and 346 eligible men had viewed my profile. I recieved 102 emails and 136 ''winks''. Erm. Just a tad invasive? And, electronic ''winking''? Really? What world do I live in? Profile, swiftly, removed.

''Leave me alone.''
Next. There are way too many people incorporating the word ''fierce'' into their vocabulary. Enough. Like ''haute'', ''fierce'' will soon become a ridiculously overdone terminology craze, followed by the word becoming a bonafide irritation. Stop it.

Next. How did Ludacris' insanely erotic ''Sex Room'' song play on Bahrain's DAYTIME national radio? Krazy Kevin has ''Superman that hoe'' on his regular playlist and just the other day they had the explicit version of ''My neck, my back'' aired first thing in the morning. Do the guys at 96.5 know what they're doing? Or is it all one big misunderstanding? Either way, I'm laughing out loud.

Now in Dubai: wooo.
Next. On my latest rendezvous with Dubai, I was pleasantly surprised to find a smaller, tres cute version of Laduree in Dubai Mall. Yay. Be sure to make a delicious stop there, after your equally lush stop at Magnolia bakery, of course. 

Next. I've never been a true fashion ''follower''. I have my moments (and they usually involve Chanel bags), but ultimately I've always been taken by the essence of style, which, in my view, has very little to do with designer brands and everything to do with character. The intellectual substance required to carry off a definitive style precedes fashion in every possible way, and I'm loving how has totally embraced this idea, with absolute class. Check out the website.  

Style like u: A website worth wasting time on.
Next. And most importantly: A sincere congratulations to the Kingdom of Bahrain. The only country to respect the UN's Millenium Development Goals, by actually attempting to meet them. Happy October x

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