Monday, December 20, 2010


Ju'usst incase you've been hiding in a bush somewhere:

The message couldn't be simpler, and we're pretty sure there isn't a being in your realm who stands against it:

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Alicia Keys is down. George Clooney. Kofi Annan. Richard Branson. President Jimmy Carter. Annie Lennox. Peter Gabriel. Blak Twang. Rozan Ahmed. Cherri V. Vanessa Amadi. Terri Walker. Jasmine Dotiwala. Dynamo. Hinda Hicks. Royston. SilvaStone. Nikki Beatnik. Paul H. DJ Jarren C...They're all down.

You should be too.

We CAN prevent potential bloodshed.

Ride the peace train with us, and scream.

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