Saturday, December 11, 2010


First off, listen to the words of George Clooney, to get a little perspective...

Now, listen to the lyrics of  Emmanuel Jal...

Help us STOP the potential bloodshed.

Share Emmanuel Jal's track on your facebook page. Scream about it on twitter. Buy the single. Make...a lot...of noise.

''We Want Peace'' is available for FREE right here for 3 days only, starting now.


''We Want Peace'' will be released on 13th December 2010. The official video (out same day) will feature an impeccable list of supporters, including Kofi Annan, George Clooney, Alicia Keys, Hinda Hicks (indeed, she's back), Terri Walker, President Jimmy Carter, Richard Branson and lots more. Check the pink link. We highly suggest you join us.

For more details:

Rozan Ahmed
t: +973 3976 1224

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