Thursday, January 27, 2011

History 101.

A legendary composition, from a land where civilisation began. The small pyramids once standing tall as the world's first universities. Natural beauty, unsurpassed. This is Africa.

Well, Sudan, more precisely. Once known as the mighty Kingdom of Kush. Now known as a country in total disarray, on the verge of division, and potential collapse.

Africa, generally, always was and always will be the future. Every bad thing/person/set up/corporate/government/agency/fraudster in the world is doing all they possibly can, to make that future, theirs.

With Sudan, they may have finally succeeded, as we witness what is a finely orchestrated transition in power.  Once, the homegrown wolves, conveniently supported to sustain a mental and physical paralysis of their entire nation, now, the outside vultures, sweep in.

History rant over. Enjoy the weekend.

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