Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There's something quite obviously wrong with going to the same venue 3 times in one week. That venue, is Dubai's Okku restaurant. 

Trust, that I have my reasons:

1. The eggplant. Worryingly addictive.
2. The cocktails. Deliciously superb (we suggest you ask for 'The Rozan' ;-) The barman and I, we concocted a little something, to my liking).
3. The vibe. Pretty nice. Laid back. 'Cosy'. 
4. The location. Insanely convenient. 

On this latest occasion, visit numero trois had very little to do with f&b, and everything to do with their Tuesday weekly shindig: a lovely little gathering (of females, mostly), and dedicated to all sorts of girlie loves. 

Hosted by at Sept PR, tonight's event saw 'fish fayce' digital photo booths capture you upon entrance, Sephora make-overs by the bar, and relaxing mini-facials as you dine. Not forgetting the [guilt-free] lemon grass cocktails - lemon grass? Yes. Lemon grass. Do try.

Fish Fayce founder Zeina Abdalla & well, Rozan Ahmed's fish face.

I even won a prize, but since my luck's about as good as a bad hair day, I left JUST before the give-away, and lost a 1000 dirhams worth of spa treatments. WAIL.

Lovely evening. Well done, ladies.

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