Saturday, April 30, 2011

Music, Minds and Moolah.

It's not every day you get a renowned musician actually interested in genuinely empowering his/her fans.

More often, it's a sad case of manipulative exploitation, that many [unfortunately] fall for.

Greeting fans at Kenya's Insyder CHAT awards

That's why we find it most refreshing to come across the now rare artistry of 'care in music', like that found in Juliani. Inarguably one of Africa's biggest music stars, he's adored for a number of gratifying reasons. Here's a few:

1. A sleek and unique lyrical prowess.
2. A stage presence, both graceful and electrifying. Natural, boisterous. Exponential.
3. A delivery, message, thought process and satisfaction you always knew you wanted, but never quite expected.



Stage fire

A man with a message

Electric Live

Multiple scoops. More to come

Let's not go into the accolades (there are many). Let's talk about KAMA SI SISI, meaning 'If it's not us' in Swahili, Kenya's official national language, along with English.

Be relevant

A one of a kind attitude change campaign, KAMA SI SISI targets, empowers and enlightens young people to be responsible and accountable to themselves and their community, to work toward the positive improvement of their surroundings - politically, economically, socially and spiritually...''Taking care of yourself by taking care of others."

Your environment. Your responsibility.

KAMA SI SISI has been operating as a crucial 'change' vehicle, created and utilised to carry key messages in social development. They include: wise investment, governance & leadership, freedom of information and climate change.

Financial wisdom = Good development

This critical and extremely relevant information is currently disseminated through musically charged university tours across Kenya, as well as a number of 'Music Summits' headlined and facilitated by non other than Juliani.

We wholeheartedly support and believe in this inspiring initiative and are proud to announce a dedicated participation in its progress over the coming months.

Oh, and here's some acoustics for you. Vocals in Swahili. True musical enjoyment, all the same:

For more information on Juliani and/or KAMA SI SISI:

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