Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Column: JUNE. 2011.

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Hi. This month, I write to you from a boat. In France. A lovely boat, and one that I don't want to leave. I'm not looking forward to normality's return you see. Waking up in a regular building. Air-conditioning - and not the ocean's natural breeze. Concrete - and not sea - as my waking view.

"Sail away..."

I realise I sound obscenely spoiled right now, but this comes from a genuine place of impressed escape. You see, the sea's a great place to focus. A sense of clarity and idyllic escapism with a group of amazing friends... it's such a wonderful state of 'being'. Plus it's my birthday. A milestone one too. Deserved celebrations...

Portofino paradise.

The past 7 days has seen me in Italy's picturesque town of Portofino (for some boutique shopping, and peace), Monaco (for food, and Jimmy's), St. Tropez (just because, and okay fine maybe also Barbarac), Eze (the views, and more food), Antibes (the amFAR gala, quite obviously) and the necessary Cannesall over Cannes, in fact.

Nice plate.

Stop off in St. Tropez...for ice cream ;-)

Eze gardens: Best kept in the world, apparently.

I must take a moment to congratulate my good friend Becki Fatemi, Naomi Campbell and all the team for what was an excellent Fashion For Relief show and after-party during this year's Cannes Film Festival. Another moment to especially thank the one and only Jeanette Calliva. Always a joy bumping into old friends as the world's finest in entertainment squeeze onto one, rather small, French street. A final moment to applaud whoever it was behind the interior set up of this year's amFAR gala. I'd really like for my wedding to be done in the EXACT same way. Please and thanks.

Celebrating the Moroccan rose. 

Prior to Europe, was the mesmerising Morocco. By the way, argan oil has now become a staple ingredient in all my home-made salads, as well as my face, and essential hair treatments. Wait, before going all wide-eyed, argan oil is both cosmetically beneficial and deliciously edible. It's also only found in Morocco's Atlas mountains, where I purchased myself a near lifetime supply (it is, that good).

Rural regality, Morocco's Atlas mountains.

I had travelled to this North African slice of wonder along with my Bahrainian sister, Green Bar's Reem Al Khalifa, as part of her continued expedition on discovering the purest of ingredients in making all her naturally extravagant products. Currently, her Damascus rose water has become a “cannot do without" in my toiletry collection; in August 2011, she'll release the Moroccan version, and after seeing where it all comes from, first-hand, understanding the intricacies and 100% natural processing to which Reem personally abides by, I'm quite sure Green Bar will become a “cannot do without” for most of us girls. Visit the website for more (particularly the face elixir, and almond oil – both, amaze).

Month-long celebrations...why don't you.

Indeed, this milestone birthday of mine... it was it usual stupendous. Kicking off with an intimate gathering at Bahrain's Mirai restaurant, with close friends, contemporary beverages and a selection of new tasters to compliment, as prepared by my favourite Chef. Following on with mini-celebrations at Marrakech's Lotus Bar & Restaurant, Dubai's Okku, Cannes' Villa Romano (a pretty pop-up in aid of the festival), Eze's Golden Goat, Portofino's Splendido (I do like how that rhymes), Monaco's Rampoldi, and finally, London's Trailor Happiness – my Portabello den of retro perfection. Oh yes. T'is all - completely - justified. Until next month, count your blessings, and give your mum a kiss. Au revoir.

 "Splendid-o times..."

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