Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Column: July 2011.

Greetings, from the town of flashy, irritating faults, disguised foolishness and foul smells. Yep. After a whirlwind 6 weeks spread across Morocco, Cannes, Monaco, St. Tropez, Porto Fino and London, I'm back in the city otherwise known as the overtly glossy, Dubai.

Now, let's understand something. I can appreciate Dubai. It can be nice – sometimes. But, let's be honest, its teething problems (and general habit of attracting failures from across the globe) can significantly raise the blood pressure of any sound professional – bearing good taste. Saying that, I'm grateful for discovering a more humble circle of creative entrepreneurs during my regular visits here. Yes God, for blessing me with an aura that draws toward greatness, actively and helplessly rejecting foolery. As you can probably tell by now, this aura of mine is having to deal with a lot of rejections, whilst in Dubai. Sigh.

Film, fashion & food: Mohammed Al Turki, Ali Mostafa & Tamara Al Gabbani

Anyhow. Rant over. And as we speak of greatness, I must thank the crew at Dubai's Okku Bar & Restaurant (my favourite culinary haven in the emirate) for their efforts in so graciously hosting our evening with Tamara Al Gabbani and Mohammed Al Turki. Mohammed was in town for a series of interviews, promoting his upcoming film projects back in Hollywood; both him and Tamara, fresh off their spectacular appearances at Cannes Film Festival this year, had lots to share with friends and invited guests, over what was a gorgeous gathering of Dubai's finest. More on that -- here.

Thanking the gift that is Phlong Flores.

Next, it was back to the beloved Bahrain, for five days of photo shoots (hence the lovely picture, you like?), meetings and memoirs. I'm pretty much convinced that Bahrain is pleasurably cursed, by the way. There's a strange attraction to the island that's really difficult to describe. An anxiousness takes over the soul after six to seven weeks of being away from Manama. Like a fix, you feel a sense of glorious relief once on Bahraini soil. I know I'm not the only one under this 'spell' of sorts. The research has been conducted, and I can positively conclude that the Bahrain vibe, despite recent turmoil, is addictive.

The eccentric nail: Once misunderstood, now completely adored.

Another addiction, recently developed, is nail art. Some of you may look at the above and think “Oooh, odd”, but that's only because it's new. I myself am a particular fan of the black/gold combinations, and obviously blown away by the leopard print/heart fusions. I shan't reveal the maestro behind my vibrant fingertips just yet, but I will tell you that every nail was beautifully hand painted – yes, painted, and that's key. Don't jump on this fantastic form of fashion artistry when Kim K does. By then, it'll be too late.

Breaking hearts: Estelle, Vanessa Amadi & Rozan Ahmed

Oh. Just in case you don't know, Estelle's back. Indeed, the beautiful British songstress returns to bless our hearing aids with some delectable loveliness. The single is a sure-fire summer smash, and it’s called "Break My Heart", featuring the man who's currently using my name illegally, Ricki Rozay. The video features a young and stunning Gentleman my friends and I are willing to break - up - over. His name's Omari Hardwick. You'll know exactly who I'm talking about when you see him. FIT.

So, with Dubai/Bahrain works nicely wrapped up, I now prepare for a return to Kenya. Summer has lots in store, with "We Want Peace" plans for upcoming promo across the country, a music video and a live radio broadcast to highlight the campaign's latest message of anti-tribalism.

Breaking boundaries: Kenya's biggest hip hop star & face of "We Want Peace", Juliani, picks up his Groove award for best song

Inspiration: Emmanuel Jal, international artist, author, actor & activist, is working alongside Juliani and other African leaders to promote peace across Kenya, and East Africa, in the run up to elections. 

Work aside, I simply cannot wait to bask in beautiful landscapes again, listen to music from every corner (I'm quite sure Kenya's bushes sing), enjoy the most organic of foods and just live, simply, and fabulously. You should try it. Ciao.

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