Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green bar Launches The First Middle East Rosewater Collection.

Dahlinks. Hi.

Exciting news, particularly if you're a fan of naturally beautiful skin (which I'm sure you *all* are).

Now just incase your beauty regime's yet to be introduced to the natural extravagance that is Green Bar, here's a little breakdown courtesy of Grazia: pink link.

For those already "in the know"...Guess what.

Green Bar just launched its delectable Rosewater Collection. A FIRST for the Middle East in differentiating fragrance profiles, this defining collection in perfumery presents the unique qualities in a cross-section of Middle Eastern rose variety - indeed, a regional rose-tinged adventure, that has never been profiled before.

It's made entirely of roses. By the way.

On 29th October 2011, Green Bar hosted its highly anticipated "Rosewater Morning" in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where limited edition seasonal boxes of the collection were made available for both experience and purchase. The collection includes Moroccan, Turkish, and rare Omani Rosewaters.

 A Middle Eastern treasure, of the region's roses, made in Bahrain 

Reem Al Khalifa, Green bar founder, was present to meet and engage with all invited guests as they stocked on all essential oils, sampled the delicious rose flavoured "bitings" and got their Christmas lists sorted with rosewater gift boxes - galore.

Edible rose petals - yes you can!  

Green bar founder Reem Al Khalifa & Nada Yateem

The traditional beauty regimes of the world, return...naturally.

Spot the Sufana vintage (1979)

Not only that, but a curated array of fashion pieces, as selected by our favorite style artiste, The Overdressed, was also on is full effect. 

The Overdressed's Dana Al Khalifa does her style advice...thang.

Green Bar's Rosewater mornings will soon be visiting other parts of the Gulf & UAE

So...all in all, a beautiful presentation of the, along with a delicious dose of fashion, courtesy of the beloved Kingdom.

To order your limited edition Rosewater collection, send an email to:

For more information on Green Bar, images and interview requests, please email:

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