Sunday, April 1, 2012

Michelle Rodriguez. Hits the Emirates.

THIS lady, this force of female Hollywood firebomb, is in Dubai, THIS coming Monday.

She is, without question, the coolest of Hollywood superstars.

And...well, to the UAE, she makes her way.

The music. 
Michelle Rodriguez arrives in Dubai on Tuesday 3 April for a series of promotional commitments in run up to her forthcoming Fast & Furious movie, as well as other *very* exciting projects looming in the 2012 horizon. You'll soon find out.

She's also making a very special Middle East DJing debut, on 3 April , at Cirque Du Soir. didn't know she DJ'd? In St. Tropez, Cannes, all over the best of Hollywood, Sardinia...amazingly? You're late. Very, very late.

Then, the Dominican Republic's hottest tamale moves on to Abu Dhabi, for an exclusive performance at Emirates Palace's Etoiles on Thursday 5 April. Indeed, another night to undoubtedly remember. Wait, we cannot.

International Pizzaz. Local Glory. 
As well as the phenomenal acting, writing, a passion for music, and displaying her skills on the ones and twos, Michelle will also take a dive into the UAE's cultural pool of creativity. "I can't wait to see what Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer on every level of creative prowess. I've heard so much and look forward to trying and celebrating all the regional talent...I'm also seeing Ferrari world, which for obvious reasons I'm pretty psyched about".

The woman.
So. Prepare yourselves thy Emirates. For 4 days of warrior princess like memories, music, fashion, and unforgettable moments in what it means to be the all encompassing feminine force.

"I really want to thank bougi, the Fairmont hotel, Emirates Palace, Etoiles, Cirque Du Soir, all the stylists and designers, press, my good friends in the region and everyone else who's come together to make this Middle East visit the very special one it's about to be...see you soon!" - Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez will visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi from 3 - 7 April 2012. For more information/interview requests/sample delivery:

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