Thursday, April 19, 2012

Michelle Rodriguez trail blazes the Middle East.

Hollywood superstar, Michelle Rodriguez, flew into the Middle East this month and straight onto a culturally explosive schedule courtesy of the region's best.

In the Saudi desert. Shooting guns. 

During what was a 10 day whirlwind in Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, the Fast & Furious, Avatar and SWAT superstar was wonderfully exposed to the region's creative circles in music, fashion, lifestyle and history.

The mammoth tour of the region kicked off with 2 fine DJ debuts (yes, that skill she has too). The first, at Dubai's Cirque Du Soir, followed by the Emirates Palaces' Etoiles.

The residence: Dubai's Fairmont hotel, and Abu Dhabi's stupendously luxurious Emirates Palace. We thank you.  

Followed by a little, speed R&R...

Yas Marina times...Abu Dhabi.


The BIC's Zayed Alzayani with Michelle Rodriguez, Mohammed Al Turki, Rozan Ahmed & Zac Tanjeloff

Bahrain's International Circuit.

Then, the one and only Ms. Rodriguez took part in an exclusive photo shoot for OK! Magazine, dressed head to toe in local designers, including Darmaki, Tamara Al Gabbani, Ezra Santos, Sugar Vintage, Orkalia, Essa, Phirio, and more. Truly a moment for Arabian fashion discovery, and celebration, where international pizzaz, met local glory...

bougi's gifting suite, a'la styling booth...set. 

We spot: Sugar Vintage, Splash, Tamara Al Gabbani, Ezra, Orkalia...

Next up, an educational venture into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, alongside friend and fellow Hollywood resident, Mohammed Al Turki, producer extraordinaire, philanthropist and popular personality as Saudi's proud film-making export.

Greeted with a hospitality beyond every possible measure, Saudi's excursion encompassed 3 creatively charge days of historical perspective, desert treks, horses, golf, food (a WHOLE LOT of glorious food), a refreshing splash of cutting edge fashion, and, well...guns.

All in all, a culturally rewarding, and beautifully enlightening Middle Eastern experience...with exciting results, soon to be announced.


The warnest of welcomes.

Saudi Arabia's RK Designs...a talent, to beware.

Turban times, courtesy of RK.

A beautiful gift from Saudi's Cullinan Jewellery.

Inside Saudi Arabia's first city...we did that.

More food.

Even more food.

Golf course in the middle of the Arabian desert? But of course.

Mohammed Al Turki. That patriotic swag.

And finally...more food. 
How indebted we are to our the most wonderful hosts. Thank you.

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