Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Slave, for you.

As those well versed with bougi already know, we don't often see the need to repeat what's already out there. So, if you're not up to speed on the whole Adidas scandal yet, go this way: pink link. Then read on...

Right then, here's a few points: 

- As an individual who's very fondly worked with Adidas in the past, endorsed their products, respect/love much of the staff I happen to come by, I don't think it's exactly fair to shut down the entire brand over one (very stupid) mistake. 

- However, we all know Adidas' affiliations with Black culture, hip hop music, and the like. There's obviously a well educated, intrinsic and focused understanding as to perceptions. There must be, as is evident from previous and hugely successful campaigns/collaborations. Which therefore makes even the thought of producing such a shoe, all the more ridiculous? 

- Just why, is my question. Why exactly, would you go there? I'm intrigued as to how Mr. Scott and co. weren't tapped on the shoulder by anyone internally Adidas and simply told the words "My friends...this could be a problem".

- Let's remove the race thing completely. Let's just say this "outrageous" designer called Jeremy was actually referencing consumerism? Maybe he was inadvertently poking fun at these unfortunate lost ones who choose to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of overweight shoes that aren't really very practical in day to day life? Maybe?

- Probably not. 

- End of the day, regardless of intentions, this was dumb. A surprisingly needed lesson in perception, and cultural sensitivity.

- It is also significantly sad, considering the amount of "qualified" people who must have approved this design before going public. 

- And, it is thanks to the public's general reaction of "the hell is wrong with you", that these shoes have now been cancelled. 

- Well done for listening, Adidas.   

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