Friday, July 20, 2012

Thee Column: JULY 2012.

I'm sick. Could be a vrius. A never-ending cold. A sinus festival ongoing in my T-zone that seems too good to ever come to an end. Who knows. And because I don't believe in man-made drugs when it comes to the "body's purge", here I am...sticking it out with ginger teas and garlic/yoghurt concoctions until it finally goes away. 

My mother says this is "God's way of forcing people like you to rest" (ha!). My father says I should enjoy the ride, as this is [another divine] means to thoroughly "cleanse yourself". Also quite laughable, but he's a doctor so...can't argue. 

Perhaps all of the above come together to form a fairly believable diagnosis. I do need to rest. I never allow myself to do that. Colds are, in essence, your body's most natural detox (hence there being no cure), so who are we to interfere with that process? God is always on my side, so maybe He's decided to elongate this process so that I do, in fact, get some rest? Anyhoo. Moving on. 

Dubai on the boulevard...

As I pen this month's column from the realms of Dubai (while RESTING), let me tell you about my most recent outing: the "Miss India UAE" pageant. My dear friend's sister was a contestant so it was only right I show face and support. As my first full on Bollywood experience the overall show was pretty stunning. The colours, vibrance, music and dance...truly a beautiful thing to see. I also learned that corruption has no cultural barriers whatsoever (laughs out loud). I actually don't know if that's a laughing disappointment or hilariously relieving. 

Bollywood nights: Sonal Vara, Rozan Ahmed & Sufeena Hussein

It was clear that one of the contestants had no clue what she was doing. I was also told she disrupted rehearsals for the rest of the girls by continuously showing up late. She had no idea how to walk, or pose, and she tripped on her ball gown - twice. Miraculously, this same girl was announced as a sixth finalist. A sixth finalist in what was supposed to be the final 5? Does that make any sense? No. Of course not. Corruption never makes sense.

Speaking of corrupt things, looks like the "revolt" bug has finally been caught by Sudan. After 23 years of oppression and war mongering, it's kind of about time. I just hope the people have alternative plans in place. It's clear so many across the planet are now presenting (well, protesting) what they don't want, but is there a clarity on what is wanted? Is there a defined blueprint going forward, put together by those who fight for change so courageously? It's an interesting dichotomy. 

While I realise the privileged (and clearly blessed) among us are nicely distracted by pretty clothes, parties and the irrelevance of Kim Kardashian, I do believe that sometimes, just now and again, we need to consider the "change" that so many are crying for, as well as our roles within it. The world's obviously shifting into a brand new school of thought, whether we're distracted or not. 

Cannes, and perfect sunsets.

Some final random "thought streams" before I hide under my duvet again: If you're an aspiring talent (in fashion, food, beauty, making nice things, curating contributions to the arts and good life, things like that) then please visit and send us a message with news of your business - asap! Some exciting plans up ahead for you. Met a wonderful designer in Cannes recently whose fashion pieces left me literally speechless. They included feather woven gowns straight from the heavens (I kid you not - see below, more here). 

I miss Bahrain. Am I the only one who suffers this urgent need to be in the Kingdom as soon as I'm away for 3 or so weeks?! Dubai's restaurants, they're really loud. Again am I the only one who bears such suffering? By the way (in reference to earlier) distractions are good. Just in good balance. Okay then. That's all. The end. Back to bed.

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