Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Power Women..with Rozan Ahmed.

Oh La La's Power Women issue. Photography: Magiq Lens

British (by way of Africa), Rozan dreamt big even as a child, and is currently carving her path throughout the UK, Middle East and Africa. With a passion for social development, her CV has an endless list of roles — ones most of us can only imagine juggling at any given time. A calculated choreographer when it comes to brand management, cultural mergeance and creative growth, a PR specialist when it comes to positive projection, an events expert in all things truly memorable, a writer, columnist and guest speaker (whenever possible), and an overall enthusiast in corporate social responsibility. Simply, she is a one-­woman show. Ohlala! talks to her about how she does it all...

What were your dreams as a child?
I had many dreams, most of which included Michael Jackson, and having Oprah Winfrey pass me her torch. 

Were there any obstacles that stopped you from achieving these dreams?
Mostly my own confidence…it’s funny how we tend to fear our own greatness more than anyone else. Time is always an issue for me too. There’s just never enough of it, hence my current plans for (urgent) expansion.

Please describe your career.
I started off in promotions but always found myself connecting dots within the arts & entertainment industry…always in this frame of thinking to merge and build. I then went into journalism as a means to fulfill a love for writing (and basically expressing myself). Then came along the business of public relations, which again seemed to morph into overall brand management. This soon developed into an interest (turned passion) for social development, through my work with the United Nations. I then realized this was all part of a growing entrepreneurial movement, and now endeavor to combine all my skills into one house of creative excellence, otherwise known as bougi.

How would you describe this current stage in your life?
I’ve learned that life is a process of learning. I do, digest, edit and continue to understand, all with a view on nothing but positive elevation and fulfilling God’s path.

At what point in your life did you develop a strong interest in your line of work?
From as early as I can remember. I think strategic implementation of the arts, and taking a responsibility in inspiring those around me was embedded in my DNA. From as early as 8 I recall taking charge of my brother’s birthday! At 15 I organized a talent show for my high school, insisting the arts be celebrated as part of the curriculum and worked on channeling the students’ free time into positive celebration of their artistic talents. I’ve always enjoyed seeing others enjoy the fruits of my efforts, whether it’s a successful event, a campaign, an article, a charitable cause or just one of my many opinions!

Looking back on your life so far, which parts are you most proud of?
I’m proud of the entire journey, and humbled by the experiences I’ve been blessed with so far. I also realize there’s a lot more to go, and none of it’s possible without progressing with your peers.

What are the most rewarding factors about your work?
The things I see, the people I meet (well, most of them), and the cultures I come across.

Where would you like to see your career go over the next few years?
Progression of course. Bigger, better and more briliant. bougi books, bazaars, award shows and so on, I have so many (too many) product lines in mind for development. Personally, I'd also like to go back to radio, write a book, and eventually host my own show. It’s very much an “Oprah state of mind” at the moment. Except I'd like to have babies. A small army of boys, preferably.

Which aspects do you believe are the key to success for women?
It really depends on your goals. As women we’re blessed with multi-faceted gifts. My ancestors had the world’s first queens, who managed to win wars as wives. That's how I see myself as a woman of modern tradition. Our ability to achieve is tremendous and I think the key here is never forgetting that.

What one piece of advice would you give to women in the current climate?
Success doesn’t mean emasculating a man or tapping into your testosterone levels, which a lot of women seem to be doing lately. I say, stay feminine, honest and focused. Be a proud woman who doesn’t easily compromise - and be bougi with it! Always work towards, demand and be nothing short of the best.


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