Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breast cancer awareness, gatsby...and a rolling stone.

It's not often one's committed to a series of occasions - all in one night - on every possible end of the social scale...and Dubai's probably the only place on the planet where this would even be possible.

In light of the UAE's upcoming 41st birthday, it's only fair we highlight just how madly and beautifully diverse this nation can be. Call it confusion, or a melting pot of cultural dexterity, or a fantastic clash of civilisations, or just one of the most eclectic ways to spend an evening.

To be fair, last night's schedule of social commitments couldn't have more accurately summed up the work, and life, mantra and philosophy of what it means to be bougi.

Kicking off with a humanely conscious gala hosted by the WE (Women Empowerment) group, highlighting the incredible achievements of young Saudi women in raising awareness on breast cancer (again, we love/congratulate/always in awe of you ladies), and showcasing the commendable efforts of the Zahra Breast Cancer Association.


Then, Grazia magazine, and their Gatsby tinged affair celebrating 7 years of existence in the Middle East. Surprisingly fun how so many made an effort in costume. I didn't. Well, except for one oversized feather. That should count as a fair attempt.

"Did someone say fur..."

Finally, Rolling Stone, and their full on rock n roll bash also in homage to their birthday...dark lighting, classic anthems, ball gowns (yes ball gowns, some had come after an awards ceremony hosted by Esquire) and a lot of dirty jeans. Very spot on, in short.

"All power to the music..."

So, how did one manage this extreme cultural ride of social diversity? Beautifully of course.

See below for some of the visions...key influencers, players, game changers, do gooders, most righteous. In this bougi life...

"Disco elegance", by Issa London

"Gatsby, velvet prints & purple haired kid Dubai" 

"Female fly and pearls" by Saira, Rozan & Sonal

"How to very correctly wear fur" by Essa & Ashley 

"The shoe games" by the absolutely glorious Essa

"Find of thee night"...vintage Chanel, circa 20 years ago. 

"Bows and bedazzle

"Brooklyn funk..."

"Stars and velvet and psychedelic..." 

"Take heed of the inside...and relish"

"Papa was a..." by these guys

"Lovely Louis Vuitton antics" by the lovelier Ruth

"breast cancer, and your safety" by Zahra 

"Luxury and love...and bottled water"

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