Monday, February 25, 2013


A quartet set of producers. All under 30. All fantasically fusing their musical tastes into one live act of #unabletolabel sound, so very definitively London...

A favorite example:

You see, real creativity's hard to define. Real observation - of creativity - can be irksome to strucure.  So, as per the usual, one shall not bother going into any kind of pigeon hole breakdowns. Any kind of typically laid out interview set-ups. Nah. Never here. Just how it was. How it is... How it should be:

I first hear of Rudimental through the dearest of friends, Atlantic's star - and Zimbabwe queen - Taponeswa Mavunga. Living a life outside of a suitcase and never staying in any given country for more then 3 weeks, as well as the fact that new age music (generally) tends to be a waste of my hearing space, I'm not one to pay attention to what is self-allegedly and commercially forced as "new". Unless I'm  trustfully recommended to.

And so, the Rudimental research began. 3 things immediately strike me:

1. The look. Apart from your average Asian, and maybe an unidentified alien, these 4 individuals encapsulate every human criteria going. A finely crafted cultural melting pot, beautifully and organically put together. A very natural result of inner city London living. Hackney, more precisely.

2. The visuals. Each music video's like a short and very telling film. Superbly thought out, built and executed.  Profound messaging, subtly presented...powerfully. Humble, in its artistically provocative tone.

Another favorite example:

3. (Obviously) The music. Like their look, it's about as diverse as Joseph's dreamcoat. Raggae, hip hop, jungle, drum & base, garage, grime, disco, funk, jazz... it is all there, and everywhere. And here comes along an argument I presented recently (twitter, regularly) on inspiration vs. copy/paste. The primary difference lies in one word: CREATE.

MNEK, Rozan & Rudimental's Amir

And my (oh my) have Rudimental created. 

It's hard not to really, considering their drowing pool of surrounding talent. Amir, the quartet's pillar (as it would appear) speaks of their background working with London's inner city youth, drenching themselves in community studios and slowly (but so surely) building musical foundations with talented young folk every chance they managed.

Which, convenitently, brings me to their show...

"Feel the love..."

"East side ready..."

A [FREEZING] Friday night. Accompanied by fellow music connoisseur, the ever dynamic (and recent awe of London Fashion Week) Fahad Al Saud. Onto Shoreditch we go, the British capital's hot spot for live music and all sorts of 'pre-hegemonised' cool. In to the Village Underground we enter, an intimately simple venue quite ideal for the evening's affair.

As a born and bred "Lady of London", I couldn't help but nostagically familiarise with everything. Every sound. Every era. Every musical legacy that has inarguably shaped my arts dependent existence.  It was seamless. Rudimental's ability to honor so much, so easily.

Suggestion: They should, in addition to the musical flair, consider A&R positions. With their diamond selection of singing sensations. All found during the afore-mentioned process of community focused empowerment through a love for making music. Particularly taken, I was and increasingly am, with this child prodigy otherwise known as MNEK. Hit the pink link for more on this disco induced, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, 80's, 90's, current and future laced, writing, singing and producing, smooth like Luther old soul sounding chap of Nigerian descent. PS. He's 18 years old. In short, I'm excited for him. Very. 

Faith in our ability to create and continue, despite the 'finance first' temptations, lame justifications, and morbid distractions... once again, loved and felt. 

PPS. This. Live. Glastonbury. Yes. And YES. 

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