Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DFW faves...

As clear cut observers of what's 'haute', and what's definitely NOT in the general scheme of things, we aren't the best when it comes to specific details in fashion. There are plenty of blogs for that.

However, for those who like things broken down:

1. DFW is pretty atrocious by way of organisation. BUT, it's young, maybe they need time, AND, it seems to be improving, somewhat, season by season. Saying that, it has remained in its position of criticism from both designers and spectators in its overall operation, presentation and surrounding entertainment.

2. Nevertheless, 'the show must go on', and while it certainly pales in comparison to NY/London/Paris, what we appreciate about DFW 2010 is what appears to be a new direction in paying no attention to the West, whatsoever.

3. It's gone from rather bad version of, to slightly more impressive and improving stand alone, displaying the fashion talent from those in this region and showing the rest of the world how's it's done, M.E. style:

Our biggest 'like': Mariam Al Mazro (she made spring official)

Always love all things from from Ekta Singh too. Her evening dresses this season were significantly stunning - www.ektasingh.com for more.

Now, onto the beauty awards.

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