Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Viva la BEAUT...The key results.

Right so the VIVA beauty awards. Alls lovely as we arrive at the Westin hotel (the usual mass luxury - as associated with all things Dubai - did not disappoint). Entering the hall, we're quite impressed with the overall decor and general organisation of the ceremony. Guests are mingling, we spot a couple of ladies in tres chic outfits, possibly influenced by MC Hammer, but nevertheless, awesome.

The doors to the main hall soon open, and as we expect to be seated for the evening's proceedings, we find - no chairs? What? No chairs? Indeed, no...chairs.

Lined across the walls are a couple of couches, so we obviously grab one of those and continue in our dismay over the hosts' expectation that all guests could actually cope - standing up - for the next 2 hours? Maybe it's a new trend picking up in Dubai's ceremonial tactics? That I'm possibly a little late on? Who knows. Anyhow.

Nominees, as well as winners were a little long-winded. In our view, when it comes to beauty, 3 main components essentially apply: eyes, lips and body. With that, the key winners were:

1. Lancome's 'Hypnose' for best mascara (I tend to agree, although my high street version in bourgois' volume mascara does just as good of a job).

2. Chanel's 'Rouge Allure' surprisingly took the gong for best lips. OK. I adore Chanel almost as much as my mother, but their make up range has never been entirely impressive. I believe in sticking to what one does best and as far as I remember, Coco Chanel's legacy remains in clothing and accessories.

3. The Body Shop's Body Butter for Best Body moisturiser. Good choice, but why moisturise when you can moisturise AND help reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Palmers does exactly that and its butter texture feels a lot more like...well, butter.

MAC didn't win much either, which basically didn't make sense. I mean come on, it's MAC.

Our beauty winner for the night was actually discovered post awards. Over drinks at the Cavalli club (never noticed the furry walls before...FURRY walls!) we randomly come across a shimmery gloss sent from the heavens.

Mirror on the left. Lighting on the right. Gloss on the inside. Apply from where you are. No bathroom visit necessary...Sweet.

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