Friday, April 30, 2010

The Grazia Style Dubai, mind.

With Grazia being the biggest selling lifestyle weekly in Dubai, one felt it necessary to attend this year's awards ceremony, championing the best in style and taking place at the Address Marina on Wednesday 28 April.

Must say I was most impressed with the fashion on display that evening. Vibrant colours and experimental patterns (complimentary and clashing) creatively draped, tucked and gloriously flowing off Dubai's high society crew.

Once seated the show kicked off with a rather nervous/dramatic speech by the magazine's editor (quite clear she was new to it all), followed by dinner, which was reasonable. I actually found the cupcakes, packaged oh so cutely by their Sugar Daddy creator, to be the tastiest thing on the table.

My good friend, PR guru and socialite sensation, Sonal Vara, was busy 'musing' while I checked out the remaining contents of the goodie bag. A Marc Cain bracelet, some Toblerone chocolates, a hat, and books, lots of paperwork. Anyway.

Time to hand out the awards and I was proud to see Image Nation's Ayman Fakoussa host the ceremony. Despite the recent loss of his father, Ayman delivered a fantastic job and dedicated his presence to ''dad''. Applause.

One of my favorite Dubai outcomes, House of Glamo, got some well deserved recognition, which was nice, and the entertainment during dinner was pleasantly on key (with a focus on fashion however, the singer could have dressed more appropriately to the overall theme).

Down to business. The winners (along, with our comments) were:

Boutique: s*uce 
'Amazing store, well deserved'

Department store: Debenhams
'Pardon?'...'Hmmm, would've gone for Iconic myself, but I suppose they're still new'

Shopping experience: Dubai mall
'Fair enough'...'yea, but as a fan of souks, boutiqes and high streets, all malls are one just one big maze to me'...'cheers to THAT'.

Best shop to spend 500 DHS: ZARA
'If you're a size 12. New Look would be best for all girls of all sizes'.

Best shop to spend 1500 DHS: Diesel
'Quite surprised they're still around!'

Jewellery brand: Tiffany & Co.
'Surprised. Period'.

Regional designer: C'est moi
'Good choice, great clothes'.

International designer: D&G

Accessory designer: Chanel

Best shoe deigner: Christian Loubitin
'Maybe last year, Guiseppe Zanotti has come with far better in 2010'

Young Designer of the Year: Kimberly Alphonso
'No idea'...'I would have liked to see some of her work displayed on the screens, let her say something too, give her, her moment!'

Post awards, it was after-party time, except the after-party had no music (point, being?).

In short, as a ''sophisticated tabloid'' of sorts, Grazia exudes quality and excitement. Unfortunately, its Style Awards show did not deliver similarly. Nevertheless, not a bad attempt.

Next year's ''to do'' pointers: Live up to the title. [Real] Talent booking. More extravagance. Less desperation. Oh, and a quick conference call with London's organisers, might help :-)

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  1. Kimberly Alphonso " Young Designer of the year" design featured on the earlier issue of the Grazia Mag. was greaaaaaaaaaat. Something that could be used by all.


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