Monday, October 11, 2010

bougi V: Wrapped.

Environmentally responsible technological solutions

Your skin's supernatural extravagance

The Kingdom's first boutique hotel

DJ Jarren C

Your beauty treatments, delivered at home.

Behind bougi
On 7 October 2010, bougi, alongside associated sponsors, Earth TT, L'Hotel, The Mobile Spa and Green Bar, hosted its fifth instalment in fine social gatherings at the Kingdom's brand new restaurant/lounge, block 338.

Following an F1 extravaganza, a super bash, on a super yacht, a London summer of back to back festivals and a birthday soiree many in the island will never forget, bougi founder, Rozan Ahmed, invited a select number of guests to what was [another] very special celebration.

First of all, there were massages (thanking you, The Mobile Spa).

Then, there was the ambience.

 Then, there were quirks.

Then, there was opportunity to mingle with bougi's oh so wonderful network of invited guests.

Then...there was the music.

The UK's Jarren C, Kelly Rowland's official DJ, a favorite of Betty Jackson, Kate Moss, Jade Jagger and more, quite literally...rocked the affair.

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''Once again, bougi V managed to personify what we have achieved online: creative excellence, social finesse, fun-loving sophistication and a passion for good music'' said Rozan Ahmed.

''We look forward to continuing our series of successful soirees and thank all those who continue to make them so memorable''.

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