Monday, October 11, 2010


Out now: Viva Magazine has an LA moment with Rozan Ahmed

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?
Well, I have many favourites. A top one would probably be LA, it's a nice mix of both beach and metropolis.

Where do you stay?
With friends, but on weekends we often book a villa at the Sunset Marquis, just off SunsetThe outdoor restaurant's lovely, there's a popular bar and their facials are superb.

Which restaurant do you like to eat in when you’re there?
Which restaurant do I NOT like to eat in would be a more appropriate question!  LA has so many gorgeous options to choose from. Katsoya's a major fave. Amazing fusion maki, and for some reason they always have the best music playing - which is absolutely right up my street. 

Where do you like to party when you’re there?
Partying is for New York City. LA for me is only really happening during awards season. West Hollywood's quite nice for a more uptempo bar/lounge vibe. Voyeur's a cool and recent addition to the general mix. Small and sexy, and always packed. 

Where do you like to shop when you’re there?
I'm not a huge shopping fan at all, the quicker I can end the process the better! With that, Beverly center - it's a one stop for pretty much all you need. 

What’s your top-secret place to see/thing to do for anyone else who goes there?
If it's your first time, get a lifestyle concierge. LA is all about who you know, so get in there with the people - in the know - and all the secrets will be revealed.

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