Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Column: October 2011.

So much to go over. So little time. First off, Bahrain. A home to many, from all walks of life, who I'd like to think very much LOVE this Kingdom. As such, it is an all encompassing responsibility to put an end to this fiasco, unify and work together towards building a better Bahrain...isn't it? I mean, despite my looking into this reoccurring issue (at significant length, and depth) I still don't know why certain individuals continue to cause self- damage. Where is the logic? Shouldn't we be thankful that Bahrain has one of the finest Governmental set-ups this world has to offer? Should you need any proof of this, ask Troy Davis's family. Google, incase you don't know. Can we please just take a moment and realise the necessity for peace. Please. PLEASE (!). Without it, no one will prosper.

Rozan Ahmed & Gina Din at the Kenyans 4 Kenya Ladies Luncheon

So. Kenya's feature length episode comes to an end next week, so too has Kenyans For Kenya, a wonderful Red Cross initiative which raised almost one billion Kshs for food relief in Turkana. Most importantly, Kenyans For Kenya sparked a spiritual sense of unity amongst the country's citizens that was, simply, thrilling. I pray this remains in the country I've grown to love, and spreads itself across Africa — and the rest of the world, for that matter. Gina Din, sincere friend, face and force behind what spread like a glorious epidemic across the giving nature of Kenyans, said nothing has fulfilled her more than to see her country's people come together, for each other. Full praise, fully due.

We Want Peace at Kenya's Mathare Football club

We Want Peace (WWP) was recently hailed as "Kenya's biggest social charge toward positive change" (excellent). The campaign, spearheaded by international superstar, Emmanuel Jal, works to inspire public responsibility and accountability, to inspire minds and sustain a peaceful environment in the run up to the country's presidential elections. "2007 can never happen again, it's time to bring about meaningful, long- term change...We want to invigorate public action into independently protecting their communities, realising an individual duty to maintain peace, which then of course leads to good development," said Emmanuel.

Alongside a number of key cultural influencers, leaders and organisations, we continue to work tirelessly in rallying one million Kenyans for peace through the 595 Pledge; an SMS rally and petition of commitment where one million Kenyans will promise to work, inspire and lead the change, for a better Kenya. Yes, I know, a lot of work.

Zahra Kedemi in "Rozan" by Tamara Al Gabbani, along with the lady herself

Back to the Middle East, and just incase you've been hiding in an isolated cave somewhere, Dubai's leading lady, Tamara Al Gabbani, launched her debut Goddess collection back in May 2011, to rave reviews, internationally — naturally. So successful was the launch of Tamara's Grecian inspired fashion line, that copies of the sought after attire started appearing both in Dubai and London — love that. Equally love that one of Tamara's pieces was recently named after yours truly too. I'm told the gold sequins were very "Rozan", and so, there you go. All luscious fashion pieces are now available to order here.

En route to the Emirate. 

Still on the "Dubai" tip, I hear Kim Kardashian's coming — and that the entire emirate has kind of very radically lost its mind. Relax. The Kardashian newly-wed will arrive in Dubai on 13 October, along with managing mummy, Kris Jenner. They're opening a new store that makes the world's most expensive milkshakes. Million dollar milkshakes, in fact. Oh how I look forward to discovering its ingredients.

Next door, and Abu Dhabi will be hosting its annual Film Festival from October 12 to 22. I'll be there. I'll also be in Bahrain, Sudan, Washington DC and New York City, in the space of one month. Pray for me.

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